Bcmon Apk Download For Android 2017 – Latest Version

We will talk about Bcmon Apk and how to check your network security using bcmon. Yes by network security we also mean that you can check YOUR own WiFi security and you can also find vulnerabilities and fix the loopholes if you find any with the help of the application Bcmon apk.

In the earlier days if you wanted to check if the security of your wifi connection is up to the mark or if it’s safe enough that hackers won’t be able to intrude into your network you would have needed a Personal Computer with an operating system either Windows or Linux accompanied with a specific wireless network card. But now with the advancement in technology and as the prices of hardware items getting cheaper day by day, you can now check and find loopholes in your network connection just by using your Android phone, also to scan and hack network connections. As you know hacking of WiFi connections without permission is considered an illegal activity in many countries. So we strongly advise using this information to only test and hack on your own wifi network. So now we will look into the most asked question ” How to hack wifi with an Android phone?”

Remember: Bcmon app is solely used for testing your own Wifi network for loopholes, hacking any public neighbor’s network is illegal and punishable and we don’t recommend doing that if anything goes wrong with we are not responsible.


Bcmon Apk Download For Android – Latest Version (Official Website)

What is Bcmon App?

The Bcmon app lets you access Monitor mode on your Broadcom chipset, which is essential to analyze and crack a network connection. Before starting out you should make sure that you have the basic requirements fulfilled. The basic requirements for using bcmon apk are that

  • Your Android device should be rooted,  you could root your device using any one-click rooting apps download vRoot apk or iRoot apk to root Android without computer PC from the official websites
  • Your Android device should support Bcmon app which in other words means that your Android device should sport Broadcom bcm 4329 or bcm 4330 chipsets. Some of the most common phones that have the mentioned Bcm networking chipset are : –

Samsung Galaxy S series

Nexus 7, Nexus One, HTC Desire series, Micromax A series.

Other requirements would state that you must have Bcmon app must be installed on your Android device (obviously) and also you will be required to install Reaver for Android which is better known as RfA. RfA is an Android pen testing tool which we will require in the future steps.

Okay so now that we know the basic requirements specifications and the required applications we will look at the steps to check the WiFi network security. Also, we recommend you to go through Wifikill, which one of the best Wifi manager for Android.

How to test your Wifi network using Bcmon Apk?

Bcmon Apk
Bcmon Apk

First of all, you will need to download and install Bcmon apk latest version from the official website on your device. You will be asked permission for installing the app from unknown sources, just accept and give the permission to proceed the installation.


After installing the bcmon apk, click “Enter Monitor Mode“. There is a possibility that the app crashed and you are now on your home screen. Try again entering the monitor mode if the app crashes repeatedly then most probably your device is not supported.

Keep in mind that we will be talking about WPA and WPA2 protected routers as in today’s age no one uses WEP and even the routers are set to WPA/WPA2 security protocols by default.

So now after installing and running monitor mode you now need to download and install an another application known as Reaver apk. Reaver is used in cracking the WPS passkey which will help in accessing WPA2 key.

After you have installed the Reaver app you now need to open it and you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned at the very first stage which translates to the point that you agree that you are not using reaver for any illegal purposes and are using it for educational purpose only (as you are agreeing with, by reading this article). After this step, you give access to Reaver to scan for available access points. click on the access point you want to crack. You will have to again access Bcmon to verify that the monitor mode is running.

The access point selected by you must accept the WPS mode, and you should keep in mind that not all router supports this. In the settings tab you don’t have to change much if you don’t know what has to be done, but just be sure to check the Automatic Advanced Settings box.

Now to start the cracking process, just click the “Start Attack” button, which you can find on the bottom side of the Reaver app’s setting tab. On clicking the “Start Attack” button the monitor mode starts and opens up a new page which will show you the real-time progress of the cracking process being executed.

Now after all this you should note that the cracking process can take anywhere between 1-10 hours depending upon the specifications and strong points of your Android phone. Even after all this, no one can guarantee that this procedure will crack the wifi network for sure.


Testing Your Own Wifi Network Using Bcmon For Android

Now if you want to know about hacking into the old and very rarely used WEP connection, I will explain that too. WEP is in itself a weak protocol, but because of less awareness about that, even today some people around the globe use WEP secured router. Bcmon apk and reaver app are used in here too.

download Bcmon App
download Bcmon App

So open Bcmon and then open terminal and type airodump-ng and enter, after this step a new window will open up, in that type airodump-ng wlan0 and press enter.

Now note the WiFi name, MAC address of the WEP wifi you want to hack. After this step, we can start tracking and collecting the packets from and to the wifi network. Enter the command airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w output file ath0. Enter the data you noted before this step into this command. After you entered the data you had earlier noted down it should look something like this: airodump-ng -c 9 –bssid 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -w outputfile ath0. Continue to scan until you have collected packets around 25000-30000. Once the mentioned number of packets are collected then return back to the terminal and type  aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap. Now the aircrack process will take over and crack the password for you, this process will take around half an hour.



Remember: Bcmon app is solely used for testing your own Wifi network for loopholes, hacking any public neighbor’s network is illegal and punishable and we don’t recommend doing that if anything goes wrong with we are not responsible.


Wrapping up, 

Hope you found the actual usage of bcmon apk for Android, make sure you download bcmon apk & reaver apk to get this working.